Maintenance for custom kitchen cabinets, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

So, your have successfully installed your custom kitchen cabinets, Rancho Santa Fe, CA? That’s awesome. For sure, you now have a kitchen interior that is more aesthetically pleasing. But more than that, you now have a kitchen that has a more functional feature (considering that you have more space to store your items now). However, your job does not end after the installation; there is what we call (yes, you are right) maintenance task. Why is it important? For a very simple reason, because proper maintenance helps prolong your cabinet’s lifespan.

How do you provide proper care for your custom kitchen cabinets, Rancho Santa Fe, CA? Here are some tips:

Keep it clean. If your kitchen cabinet is meant for storing perishable items, keep it clean after use. That means, do not let spoiled food to stay inside like forever; aside from it is being unsanitary, it can also attract unwanted “visitors” such as cockroaches, rats, among other pests, which can ruin not just the surface but the foundation of your kitchen cabinet as well.

Keep it dry. Spills from any type of liquid (yes, including water) can also damage not just surface but the very foundation of your custom kitchen cabinets, most especially if they are made from wood or ply board. Remember that there are termites that eat on damp wood and your cabinets might be just ideal for termites to build their colony at.

Religiously follow scheduled dusting. Dedicate some time to wipe the dust off the surface, including from the corner, handle, and grooves. Dust also tends to accumulate more easily on the outside, so make sure to follow your installer’s recommended cleaning schedules. Accumulating dusts and cobwebs do not only invite insects and pest but can be a health hazard as well.

Keep it rust-free. Unless your kitchen cabinet is made from a 100% stainless steel material, it can be vulnerable to rusting, particularly the wooden cabinet with metal hinges. Keep an eye on on it and do the necessary cleaning if you notice some rusting. You need to avoid loosening of these hinges because that could ruin the cabinet doors or opening just easily.

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